What if becoming aware could create health and joyful living?
What if contributing to the earth could change the world?
May I invite you to something different?

My name is Louise Konkin and I am trained in a multitude of healing modalities.  I grew up in a culture that valued natural ways of being: from cultivating organic food to healing with herbs to receiving awareness from the energies that surround us. Many were artisans, craftspeople, healers, and muscians. 

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Becoming More Conscious

Did you know that becoming more conscious can contribute to better health and a greater life and living? Even modern day science is discovering that your thoughts, emotions and outlook on life determine your well being.

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I offer new possibilities that facilitate people to become more aware of what could limiting them so that they can choose to create something different with their lives, their bodies and the earth.  I work one on one with people both online and in person.

I offer private sessions with energetic body processes , intuitive flower essence consultations and blends as well as intuitive health consultations and  Reiki .

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